Create: Mugs and a postcard

It’s been a busy couple of weeks, I do hope in future not to leave so long between posts.

Our local photographer offers a new service, they will put photographs on mugs. Most of the mugs on display at their counters commemorate weddings, but it gave me an idea. I wondered if they could place a design or an illustration on a mug. A discussion with their computer operator had me leaving with some suitable file sizes written on a scrap of paper. I wanted to try out an illustration and a design. The black and white is a drawing of a secretary bird, and the design something I had recently been playing around with. Then two weeks later and two printing attempts (the first try was smudged) here’s the result. I am delighted with them! Thanks to Peter for photographing them, it was tricky!



The other creation from last week was a postcard. I received my postcard from Annemarie, my Great Big Stitched Postcard Swap partner. She sent this beautiful fragmented card that is held together with bright pink stitches. I love that she also co-ordinated the envelope with a matching pink stripe.




Thanks, Annemarie!


6 thoughts on “Create: Mugs and a postcard

  1. That’s great that you found someone local to do your printing on mugs. I’ve been using Zazzle online for my custom art objects, but maybe if I could find a small business around here that does it, I would rather invest locally. Smart move! Love your patterns. (I’ve been dabbling with the idea of fabric patterns, and so your work inspires me!)

    1. Thanks Ingidisa, I have also thought about Zazzle, nice range of items, but as you say it’s nice to keep local. Dabble some more with patterns and give it a go, such fun. Thanks for stopping by.

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