Doodling and Work in Progress

Drawing A LOT helps improve your drawing skills but also gives you lots of material to design with, I probably don’t really draw enough. I do draw in a sketchbook, but mostly, when I draw, it’s on my doodle board.  This is on the wall on the way to the kitchen so I pass it frequently. The pens are there, and I can spend a few seconds, or a minute, drawing something or hours there. There’s nothing precious about it. Starting a doodle board was recommended on the design course I’ve just done, and it’s a great idea.


I draw with all sorts of different black pens, some work better than others when you’re drawing standing up. I play about with different patterns and textures and draw notes about shapes and flowers and things I think might be interesting.


And I give in to my present passion for lizards. None of this is serious drawing, experimentaion is key. It’s a great way to try ideas out, see how things work, or just spend some time drawing and thinking.


I like to have a big central theme, but also use the space around it to draw things I see or keep a record of an idea I have.

Like I said not a precious item, which is why I chopped it up, it needed to be in pieces than can fit in my scanner!  I must admit, taking the scissors to wasn’t exactly easy. This piece of paper has been on the wall a while and I’ve got very fond of it.  Now there’s a new blank piece on the board, waiting for me and my pens.  Watch this space!

Meanwhile I am also working on some watercolour, these are flowers and leaves from the Belli tree. The flowers smell amazing at dusk.


8 thoughts on “Doodling and Work in Progress

  1. What a great idea – a doodle board. I think some offices could copy this to great effect. Love the idea of breezing past and scribbling. Your work is gorgeous. Have you had any cards or paper printed? If so please let me know!

    1. Thanks! It is a really useful idea, Helene, would be fun in an office too, team building! I haven’t had any cards or paper printed, but do hope to.

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