Create: WIP

I seem to have a lot of projects on the go at the moment, so thought I’d share some work in progress.

umredcleanWMWe have had a lot of rain, huge amounts causing flooding and mayhem. So I’ve stayed put at my desk, working on an idea for some greetings cards, but also gradually pulling together some collections.


Inspired by the weather, I LOVE umbrellas (and there are lots here), the garden has also come up trumps this month with lots of lush greens and bright colours against deep grey monsoon skies.


Sri Lanka is a land of elephants, and it’s no surprise that they marched off my pencil and onto my paper.


Bringing with them some colour and razzmatazz!


Painting with watercolours in high humidity turned into quite a challenge, along with piles of washing I can’t get dry, the paint takes forever to dry, so I find having several projects on the go gives each one the time it needs.



4 thoughts on “Create: WIP

  1. AMAZING!! I confess I don’t normally like elephant prints on anything…just only like the live ones! BUT your’s have changed my mind. They are beautiful.

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