A Word for the Year

Happy New Year!

New Year brings with it that opportunity for starting something afresh or changing things for the better. This year I have opted for a “word for the Year” that will keep me focused and inspired.  It was quite easy to choose, because this year I intend to get a lot done.  However, I’ll be stepping onto new ground and well out of my comfort zone, so I need a word to bolster and support.  I also intended to draw and paint a lot, and thought that the word I chose should also be reflected in my work. To fix my word solidly into my mind, I decide I would draw and paint it.











Have a look at these two posts about having a word for the year



Do you have a word for the year or any New Year resolutions? Let me know in the comments




8 thoughts on “A Word for the Year

  1. Bold is a beautiful word. I love it very much. It may have sparked or inspired the French Revolution and is inspiring me to be more confident about my own work. Thank you very much for this word I’ll adopt it myself.

    1. SaBiscuit, I am so glad that you are inspired by ‘Bold’ and that you will adopt it for yourself too. I wish you a very bold year. Thanks for stopping by.

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