Colour Palettes

As I begin on some new designs I’m also thinking about colour palettes.

The garden is my first stop, and using resources available online I can come up with some lovely ideas. This plant is a weedy thing outside my kitchen window and sky was just perfect.

Greens and blues


We’ve been waiting for this heliconia to flower, and now she’s doing us proud. Often brash, this  one has beautiful, subtle colours.

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 17.48.45These colours are so typical of the tropics, but somehow the green moss seems extra vivid here on the paving stones up in Kandy.

Paving stones

6 thoughts on “Colour Palettes

  1. What a clever way to create a palette! I love both the first one…….i can already picture a room decorated in those colours and the heliconia palette I would love for a bedroom! I shall now go around my garden thinking palettes……a lot of bright bougainvillea is an obvious starter for ten! xxxx

  2. Bougainvillea would be fabulous! There are some good apps available for making up colour palettes on your phone or tablet. Thanks for stopping by. xx

  3. Looks gorgeous there Chiara. I keep meaning to send you a lovely long newsy letter…for today though, it’s great to peep into your garden and love the swatches! x angie

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