I’ve got the Blues!

This week, in-between designing like mad for a new project (that’s a secret :-)) – I set up an indigo vat and spent a lovely day dyeing beautiful blues with a dyer friend, TinTin. The vat wasn’t the best, it was difficult to activate but still came out with some great blues.



We used a combination of rubber bands, stitching, twisting and knotting the cloth to get our effects.


TinTin is a textile artist and she was also dyeing some beautiful handmade, antique lace, strings, cords, braids and other beauties. This piece of lace was stunning.


These pieces, above, were on an old damask tablecloth that she’d cut up.


This is a piece I stitched before dyeing. The stitches and folds act as a resist against the dye, creating lovely marks. It’s exciting to unpick the stitches and see what patterns you might have.


This is actually a blue piece of fabric, but I was using my phone to take the photograph and the colour went a bit odd. The stitches are effective though!


Next time I’ll think about ironing the cloth before I show it to you. I’m still not quite sure how these pieces will be used, possibly a quilt of some sort, combined with some of my surface pattern designs printed up.


8 thoughts on “I’ve got the Blues!

  1. As the lady sings “blu.ooooo who who oooo” (my rendition of Joni!) Wonderful and complete fan of the creamy stitches. Not sure I agree about the ironing. I love that devil may care look! Great work and super post.

  2. I agree. That kind of dying does not need ironing. I love the rumpled look, too. I hate ironing. Also, did you say my favourite phrase,”secret project”? Will you share the results with us here when it’s done?

    1. I hate ironing too, SaBiscuit! Yes, I’ll definitely be sharing my secret project once I’m allowed to 🙂

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