A Slope of Inspiration

Behind the kitchen we have a slope, the remains of where the building plot was cut out of the land.  It looks rather mundane and uninteresting, but I absolutely love this slope. It’s packed with unusual (weeds) vegetation, creepy-crawlies and other visitors. From the kitchen window I can watch birds and lizards foraging and have spotted the occasional snake.

The Kitchen Slope

However, best of all is to go out there with a camera, usually with a macro lens on, and find inspiration.

Colourful creepy-crawlie

Tiny flower

Some things are tiny, like this flower, but they’ll appear larger in my designs.


The choice of greens is a treat.

Leaf Shapes

Even the dead and dying are of interest.

Dead Leaf


Some visitors stop for a second.


Others forage for a meal like this monitor lizard.

Monitor Lizard

And others are so delicate and jewel-like you could wear them!

Forest Lizard

And of course there are always lots of interesting smells and things that need checking out by Toni.


When she’s not resting!


11 thoughts on “A Slope of Inspiration

  1. It’s amazing how much more I actually see around me now that I love to take photos! Those leaves are so green & such an interesting shape! And as for that little lizard (not the HUGE one!!!) – so pretty!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Nicky. I think it’s interesting how photography does increase your observation, for me so often that’s about texture or contrasts. Lizard love on this blog!

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