Playing with Capture

I’ve recently been playing around with Adobe’s new free app called Capture. On it you can create shapes, colour palettes and patterns using photographs. Making patterns is slightly addictive and I love creating them. They can be very inspiring, and I mostly use them to create texture or to add an interesting background.  I’ve been asked a few times how they are done, so I’ll show you.

I begin by choosing a photograph of my work, here I’ve opted for a block print that I coloured with watercolour.

Blog butterfly

Capture then gives me the option of which part of the photo I’d like captured into a pattern.






Once I decide which option I want to use, I can then move the image around or rotate it.


This doesn’t have to be done using a piece of art, it works brilliantly with photographs as well. This is bougainvillea in my garden.


The options are lovely.


If you use Adobe Creative Cloud the patterns will appear in Photoshop on your computer. However, they can also be saved to your photos and used to make cards or printed out for other uses. I often post mine to Instagram.

What creative apps do you use?



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